Investments for Military Families

8 Best Investments for Military Families

Being in the military does not leave much time for one to think and plan about the future. They are always facing hardships, transfers and combat. All this does not let them get informed about finance and investments. Being in the military always comes with a risk of life. So, one needs to secure the future of their spouse, children and theirs.

Although military services do not pay too much, it provides great other facilities and opportunities. There are many savings and investment options specially made for military families. Moreover, one does not have to infuse much time or stress.

Investments for military families

Investments are important for everyone, and if you are in the military, it becomes more vital to secure your family’s future. The eight best investments for military families are:

Federal Thrift Saving Plan

It is the retirement plan that serves the federal employees with low-cost and tax advantages. One gets to choose from traditional TSP and Roth TSP.  For military members, it provides 5% of the extra match. The advantage of this investment is that it allows the investors to choose from a variety of investment methods at their convenience. The automatic deposit feature deducts the required amount directly from the paycheck. This feature is best for military persons as they usually do not get enough time to pay off their bills timely. Federal thrift saving plan is one of the top choices of military families.


529 College Savings Plan

Securing and saving for children’s education right from the beginning has become very important as education expenses are only rising. It becomes more vital for military persons, and to meet this need, a 529 college savings plan is the best option. For the military service providers, this investment come as tax-free. Apart from college pay, 529 plans can also pay for K-12 education. The withdrawal from this plan is tax-free only if done for educational purposes. Most of these plans allow the investors to set an automatic deposit option. It is the wisest way to invest for military families.


Individual Retirement Account

Individual Retirement Accounts was the step taken by the federal government to encourage people to invest in retirement. It lets one set aside some money every year in a special account that a bank or some financial organization governs. Even if one reaches the maximum limit of the federal thrift savings plan, they can save their money in IRA. They provide both traditional TSP and Roth options. Although IRA provides a greater option of investments to choose from, it has a lower contribution rate. IRA allows the flexibility of military members in choosing the most convenient asset for themselves.


Saving Deposit Plan

Defense Savings Deposit Program (SDP) lets the posted military member serving in combat areas some investment facilities. It guarantees a 10% of yearly return on the amount of money deposited. To be eligible for this saving plan, one must receive Hostile Fire Pay and should be deployed for either 30 successive days or at least one day per month for straight three months. This fund is applicable to tax. Saving a deposit is a good way to secure family members’ future if you are fighting for your own country in some combat.


Bonds are also a good way to invest in military members. In bonds investment, the investor lends money to a company or government officials. The bonds are established to raise money for a particular agenda. Those who invest or lend the money are promised a return with interest over some time. The interest on bonds is lesser than stocks, but it also has lesser risk. These few risks are like forming bonds with a faulty company or its sudden shutdown. But all these can be avoided by doing thorough research before investing in any company.

Direct Estate investment

The direct real estate investment is buying the land, properties directly. They can even put their properties on rent to generate regular income. The military members have special renting considerations. The buy-and-hold strategy is also a good investment way for military families. It allows the capital to grow, and one can sell their property at the time of emergency or need. Renting these direct estates need a renovation process, and that can take quite a lot. But overall, it is a good form to put your money to grow and save.

Indirect real estate investment

The alternative way to invest in real estate is indirect estate investment. It means purchasing shares in a company that leads to investing in real estate without actually buying the property. It saves one from the cumbersome process of down payment. Indirect real estate investment is ideal for military families as they do not have to operate the finance of the property. Also, given the pay that they receive, this investment needs a small amount of money. One can easily sell and exchange shares whenever one wants.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are another great way for military members to secure their families future. In mutual funds, many investors invest their money in any asset, stock or corporation. These funds are functioned by money managers who are professionally trained in this sector. Their work is to distribute the capital and produce profitable income for the investors.

Mutual funds allow all investors to manage their set of funds. Hence, every shareholder is equally responsible for the profit or loss. Through these funds, one can divide its capital into different markets or stocks, which leads to a lesser risk of loss.


Final verdict

The expenses of each and everything is going up at a high rate. Moreover, if one serves in the defence sector, it becomes important to plan for the future. Mentioned above are some of the best investments for military families. They do not call for a lot of pressure or operation and can be easily managed. Make your retirement and your families future better with the right kind of investment.




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