A Helpful Guide on Money Saving on Online Shopping

With the new emerging platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and Etsy, it has become no big deal to shop online. It is quite luxurious to make purchases at the click of a button which may sometimes lead to overspending our budget. 

Tips like using coupons, promo codes, or cashbacks can be useful. Also, being a subscriber to the brands’ mailing list can help you land some amazing deals. Hence, it is always wise to look for an online shopping guide to provide ways to save as much as possible when shopping online.

Guide to Online Shopping 

Online shopping is a great tool to shop efficiently in the comfort of your home. While that sounds like a good opportunity, there are also some necessary things to remember while shopping online. 

Behind the comfort and joy of online shopping, there are also stories of fraud or loss. Hence, one should be extra careful and take the necessary steps before purchasing the product. 

Some of the steps one can take while shopping online may include the following: 

  • Research: With several different models or variations available in the market for a product, the buyer may look at what other brands are offering and must have good knowledge before buying the product. Different brands offer different facilities and features for the product, adding value.
  • Check reviews: The buyer must consider reviews and ratings when considering purchasing a product. Checking previous buyers’ reviews and what they have to say about the product would help the buyers make appropriate purchases.
  • Shipping costs: Check out different retailers and their pricing policies. Nowadays, most sellers offer free shipping. With some research, you could save money while shopping online.
  • Return policy: Always check the return and replacement policies the seller provides before purchasing. Make sure to read the terms and guidelines prescribed by the retailer. Normally, products are available with a fixed limited return period. It ensures that money is safe if the product is degraded in quality.
  • Purchase record: Make sure to screenshot the receipt of payment once you’ve paid. Also, handle the invoice sent by the seller with care. They might be usable in case of a return or replacement. 
  • Protect your personal information: Remember to keep your information protected. From OTPs to your bank details, handle them well, or they might be prone to theft or cybercrimes.
  • Track your order: Do keep track of your order and its delivery. It will help you ensure that the product has arrived on time and in proper condition.
  • Mindful Spending: When shopping online, one major trait is getting carried away by our spendthrift conscience, which leads to an overstretch in our budget. Also, it is necessary to be mindful of what we spend our money on, as it is quite easy for online platforms to lure us into purchasing products. 

Benefits of Online Shopping

Being an innovation adapted to our daily lives, online shopping offers the following benefits:

  • Online shops allow you to shop right away when and where you need it. You can shop in your comfort zone, be it night or day.
  • Online shopping offers you a variety of products, brands, and ranges to choose from, having something for every different section and taste of consumers.
  • Online retailers face a highly competitive market with so many brands and products. They also tend to keep lower prices because of lower overhead costs.
  • Another feature of online shopping is that it allows you to research and compare different products and offers to land on the best one.
  • Online shopping offers consumers a rich experience with personalized recommendations based on their previous tastes and preferences. These recommendations are generated based on past data and analytics provided by the consumer.
  • Online shopping allows you to save time while shopping. Online retailers tend to evade physical barriers, thus making shopping available to all.

Disadvantages of online shopping

While online shopping is loaded with pros, it holds some drawbacks too. As with any other evolving technology, an online shopper must learn about its cons too.

  • Though many platforms and retailers opt for free shipping, sellers still indulge in shipping charges, specifically for heavier or larger items. As such, the shipping costs can be very high and not affordable.
  • There is a prolonged delay in receiving the actual product by the consumer due to the delivery period. Delivery time can extend anywhere between 7 days to a month, depending on the location of the seller and buyer.
  • With online shopping, one can only inspect the products after buying. It may lead to a dissatisfied purchase on the consumer’s part due to low quality or other causes.
  • Online shoppers are also open to fraud, purchase scams, and cyber theft. There are instances where the scammers extend to even creating fake websites to scam consumers. 
  • Online shopping is solely dependent on the internet. One needs internet access to participate in shopping online.

Tips to save money while shopping online 

While shopping online isn’t a big deal nowadays, with everyone having access to the internet, saving money on online shopping is. There are many tips and tricks out there on how to save money while shopping online.

  • Use coupons and promo codes: Online sellers offer coupons and promo codes as extra discounts. Use them to save a little money while shopping online. There are also some browser extensions available that can apply coupons and promo codes while purchasing automatically. 
  • Subscription to mail list: Ensure that you are on the email lists of the brands you love and buy from. Many times, there are special offers and deals available exclusively for subscribers. 
  • Cashback: Use cashback websites to save an extra penny while shopping. Also, many online sellers offer cashback opportunities when paid with the bank. Check thoroughly before paying with the bank, or you may lose money to online scams.
  • Bulk purchase: Many online retailers offer huge discounts and cashback opportunities on bulk purchases. They may also offer a variety of deals and promotions. 
  • Social media: Many online retailers have a strong social media presence. With different strategies in mind, they may host competitions and giveaways occasionally. Also, sometimes they announce special offers for their online audience. 
  • Negotiations: Sometimes haggling with the seller to let down the price is effective too. You may try negotiating with the seller with proper communication skills, which would help you save a bit of money while shopping online.
  • Purchase at the right time: While one can shop online whenever they want, with a bit of strategy, you could save a lot. You can try buying winter clothes in summer or fall when the best deals are at their peak. 


Online shopping is a great adventure. But it can be overwhelming too, with so many offers and product deals to choose from. With an online shopping guide, one could learn to get the best deals and save money while shopping online. 

While shopping online, one must always begin with research and comparison. The buyer must double-check before making the payments or providing their personal information. Though online shopping offers a comfortable and relaxing experience, one must use tips and tricks from an online shopping guide to enjoy a satisfying yet saving experience.

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