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How To Invest In Gold? 10 Best Option for You

When we talk about investment, the very first thing that any finance expert would advise you is investing in Gold. But the question here is how to invest in Gold?

Gold is undoubtedly the most preferred investment in India, but now it is not limited to buying gold jewelry or bars.

The gold investment comes in different forms: you can invest in Gold in the physical form or Gold in the paper form. Which one should you buy? Well, Pal,  find out the different ways to invest Gold in India here:

Invest in Gold with the Physical form of Gold:

One of the most common ways to invest in Gold is buying a physical form of Gold. Let us focus on some of the options where you can invest in Gold in the material form:

Gold coins:

Another most popular way of buying Gold is by investing in gold coin schemes that you can buy from Jewelers, banks, and other financing companies. The best part of buying this type of Gold is that it comes in different denominations, and you can buy it as per your investment plan.

The Indian gold coin minted by the government is 24 carats pure and 999 fineness with tamper-proof packaging. These coins also have Hallmark as per the standards of BIS.


As Indians, we love Gold. And one of the most common ways of possessing Gold is in the form of jewelry. Invest in Gold by  buying a piece of jewelry now and then.

But one primary concern when it comes to buying the jewelry form of Gold is that it comes with high cost, outdated design, and safety concerns.

The drawback of buying jewelry is that it comes with making charges which range between 6% to 14% of the total cost of the Gold.

Schemes for Investing Gold:

Talk about investing in Gold, and we cannot forget to mention gold saving schemes. In this scheme, you can deposit a fixed amount of money every month for a tenure.

After the tenure, you can buy the gold equivalent to the deposit and the bonus included in the scheme. In some scenarios, you may also get gift items for cash incentives from the jeweler.

Invest in Gold with the Paper Form of Gold:

We can always invest in Gold in the physical form, but nowadays, things have become quite convenient as we can buy paper gold without thinking much about the security of the Gold. Here are some of the best options to buy paper gold:


Invest in Gold with gold Exchange-traded funds, one of the best alternatives for owning paper gold. It is indeed a cost-effective manner of investing in Gold that happens at the stock exchange.

In this investment, Gold is the underlying asset. It has the transparency in pricing and eliminates the extra buying and selling charges you pay while buying jewelry.

You need to get a trading account and invest in this type of Gold as per your investment plan.


Want to invest in Gold? If yes, one of the best ways is to buy paper gold with a Sovereign Gold Bond. The only drawback of owning this type of paper gold is that it is not available all the time.

The sovereign gold bonds are available on the “on tap basis.” In this, the government opens the window for the sale of the bonds to the investor for a week. The window is open every 2 to 3 months.

If you want to buy SGB any time of the year, you can buy it in the earlier issues form you will find on the secondary market. But these Bonds are available on the market value instead of the one offered by the government.

Gold Stocks:

Gold stocks are one of the most preferred ways of investing in paper gold. Different kinds of companies actively develop gold deposits and produce Gold.

The advantage of buying Gold stock is that you don’t have to pay the premium you usually pay for purchasing Gold directly. It is a practical way to invest in Gold as it tends to give high returns over time.

Digital Form:

Now everything is available online, and so is Gold. You don’t have to take extra time out of your time to invest in Gold, as you can order or purchase gold coins, jewelry, and bars online.

This digital gold type is available on mobile wallet platforms such as Paytm and other similar digital Gold online investment schemes. These websites and applications are in Association with MMTC and PAMP.

Gold options and Futures:

If you are someone who believes in high returns and high risk, then this one is for you. There are different types of Gold Options and Futures available in the market in which you can invest in Gold as it tends to reap a tremendous profit.

This type of investment is best for those who are already pros investing in Gold.

Gold Bullion:

If you’re looking for a well-known way of buying and owning direct Gold, this is probably the best option for you. It is a form of pure Gold with certified purity and weight and comes in different options such as bars, coins, etc.

Invest in Gold with Gold Bullion to get much more liquidity than other forms of gold ownership.

Mutual Funds:

Guys, are you thinking about the different options to invest in Gold? Mutual Funds are always there to help you are in investment, and various gold Mutual Funds can help you in the investment.

The advantage of investing in Gold Mutual Funds is that it gives a perfect hedge against inflation when it comes to uncertainty in the stock market. Before investing in any fund or bond, you should read all the points related to the scheme thoroughly.

Investing in Gold is probably a great investment vehicle for you. So Pal, do your research and wisely invest in Gold commodities to reap tremendous profit. It is also essential to know what you want and where you should invest in Gold before investing it practically.

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