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Tips For Diversifying Your Investment Portfolio

The importance of diversification of portfolio

We all know that investing money in any sector or way comes with few risks. While investing all your capital in only one area leads to major fallback. Hence, diversification of portfolio is essential. It is a way to allocate your capital among different categories to maximize the profit and reduce the risk.

Diversification does not completely eliminate the risks; it just helps to minimize them. For a long-run investment and to meet future goals, it is important to diversify your investment portfolio.

Tips for diversifying an investment portfolio

The smart way to grow your investment is diversification of your portfolio. We have mentioned some basic yet important tips for diversifying the investment portfolio.

Asset allocation

The secret of successful investing is to maintain the balance between risk and surety. The two basic investments are bonds and stocks. Stocks, on the one hand, provide larger returns accompanied by higher risk. In comparison, bonds offer a lesser yet stable return. One should try to divide their capital in both these investments.

The younger investors can take a higher risk of stocks and therefore should put more percentage of their capital in stocks. As one’s age grows, one should avoid taking a higher risk and invest more in bonds. If you share the expenses of your family, then you should avoid taking higher risks. In this case, one should play safe and invest more in bonds.

Evaluate the qualitative risks

Before investing in any company or industry, one should do a complete analysis of risk factors. Evaluate the stocks considering basic parameters and determine their potential. The company’s management, brand value and dependability are some of the few factors that determine its success or failure.

Investing in any type requires a thorough and well-planned strategy that helps to gain maximum profit. The investment strategy comprises evaluating the risks and strategizing to minimize them.

Invest in equity and mutual funds

Apart from investing in share markets, one should try to put their money in a well-reputed company through mutual funds. The equity and mutual funds generate a high return when invested for a longer period. The main purpose of investment is the growth of money, its safety and liquidity. All three factors can not be meet by one single type of investment. Hence, it becomes essential to invest in mutual funds with stocks.

Buy-hold strategy

The purpose of investment is to generate long-term saving and their stability. The buy and hold strategy is the best way to do so. It requires keeping up your stocks and shares for a longer period, irrespective of market instability.

It is very different from constant trading, where stocks are bought and sold continuously. Buy and hold strategy is a more passive way to allow your capital to grow over time. It also helps one to tackle market fluctuation. When over some time, the value of your shares goes up, you can sell them to make money.

Invest abroad

It is essential to allow global exposure to diversify one’s investment portfolio. Investing abroad helps one to generate profit overseas. Since the US market contributes 50 per cent of total stock market capitalization, it is wise to invest there. The currency exchange also plays a major role in this aspect.

Global markets offer greater interest and thus higher returns. The international market is moved by fast regulating dynamics that need to be learned by the investors. But once you get the knowledge of it, the investment becomes simpler and easier.

Vary company size and type

The investment portfolio needs to be diversified between different assets. But among those assets, it should be further categorized to avoid any major risks. For example, you invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds or real estate to diversify assets. To further diversify it, one should divide their capital by purchasing stocks of various companies of different sizes.

Your investment portfolio should comprise big companies as well as small ones. Individual bonds ensure the elimination of liquidity risk. But the investors should diversify their bonds. The greater the interest, the greater is the risk. Hence, varying the size and type of company is a right and profitable decision.

Invest in life insurance

Many people, especially the younger investors, take life insurance plans very lightly. It is important to safeguards one’s future. Above all, the banks offer lower premium rates for younger people. By investing in insurance plans, one can also earn. The insurance plan is a very long-term investment, but it is always fruitful.

Try a systematic investment plan

A systematic investment plan is a wise way to invest when you have a small amount of capital. It includes investing a fixed amount of money at regular intervals. SIP plays a major role for all those who do not want to make a huge investment


Also, it is a good option for investors who invest in stocks and other riskier sectors to diversify their portfolios. The system is based on compound interest and hence accompanied with lower risk. So, SIP is another one of the major tips for diversifying your investment portfolio.

Rebalance your portfolio

The rebalancing of your investment portfolio plays a crucial role. It helps in balancing the risk and surety. Rebuild your portfolio regularly according to your needs and risk tolerance. It helps to make your portfolio stronger and profitable.

The main purpose of rebalancing or rebuilding the portfolio is not to generate maximum profit but to reach the goals smoothly. And, this is possible only when one has a diversified investment portfolio. It helps to reduce the risk. But only playing safe will not help you make a greater risk. So, divide your capitals accordingly.


None can predict the financial market, and therefore it is crucial to take every step of investment after full scrutiny. The diversification of investment portfolios is a wise way to reduce the potential risks factors. It helps to make your investment process much more comfortable and profitable.


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