Dividend Investing

What is Dividend Investing?

Investment is one of the prime importance of everyone’s life. The reasons for investment for everyone might be different, but their motive is the same: to make a profit. There are enormous ways in which one puts their money to the right use. One of them is the dividend investment.

Investing in the stocks of firms that pay continual dividends is one of the most promising ways to put your capital to beneficiary use. Dividend investment ensures one with a steady and constant source of income. The income comes as a bonus to any growth or stocks gain value.

What is Dividend Income?

A publicly traded firm has three ways to manage its earned profit and cash. The first option is to reinvest it in some other development directly. The next option is to save the profit that is made. And the last option is to return the profits to their respective shareholders. This return is known as the dividend income.

Dividend income is much similar to earning interest from banks on holding money in saving accounts. For instance, if you have a stock of value 1000, a 5% annual dividend will mean that the company will pay you rs 50 as a dividend income.

Regular dividend income is a reasonable way for many investors to grow. An investment strategy for the dividend income can ensure a source of cash flow. It can turn your capital into a retirement paycheck.

Mechanism of Dividend Investment

With smart choices and intelligent planning, one can make profitable dividend investments. Buying stocks with a well-planned strategy is much needed to make the right decisions.

Several companies offer their shareholders the reinvestment plans called DRIP. Instead of withdrawing the dividend, there is an option to reinvest it in the company to earn more profit. When the company is in its initial stage or if your stocks are small, then this option is best. It allows profit in the long term.


Long-term investment

One contributes to dividend investing either directly or indirectly while owning stocks. Dividends provided by companies are quite low. So it is wise that these investments should be made for the long term. It is because low rates for saving accounts and bonds serve the dividend stocks with almost no competition. Hence, the reinvestment in the stocks leads to great profit ahead.


Reinvestment boost

The reinvestment of dividends in stocks provides you with a boost—your portfolio benefits when you buy more shares through reinvestment. The enhanced compounding effects bring more stocks under you. Each dividend that is reinvested brings more dividend payments for you in the future. Hence it ensures you with a higher return. Buying stocks at a lower rate in fast-growing companies is a clever thing. After reinvestment, you make a bond with them for the long run and gain a huge return in the end.


Tax Benefits

Dividend investing provides the investor’s tax advantages on the income. The dividend income is classified into two classes; qualified and unqualified or ordinary dividends. The qualified dividends are taxed at much lower rates and are subject to long-term capital gains. At the same time, the unqualified dividends are taxed similar to the regular income. Dividends that are received in retirement accounts, such as an individual retirement account (IRA), are generally not applicable for the tax until you withdraw them.


Strategies for dividend Investment

For profitable and smooth investment, the following strategies help a lot;

Go for high yield: Focus on the companies which are progressing with slow rates but with high cash flow. It aims for long term profit. Also, if you are looking for income right away, you can withdraw your dividend income rather than reinvesting it.

Choose high growth dividend: Always go for the companies who are currently paying a dividend at a low rate but are on the horizon of growing. With the growth of the company, your stock value will also grow. If you invest at an early age, you can gain more stocks of the company.

Seek dividend capture: With dividend capture, one does not have to wait for the whole year to gain dividends. Instead, you can buy the dividends right before you are about to be paid. After that, you can sell off the stocks to buy more profitable shares. The stock should be bought at least two weeks before your dividend income is paid. This can be a little bit risky as these stocks are too volatile.


Risk in dividend investing

Investment is sure to involve risk in some or other ways. The same is the case with dividend investing. One of the major risks of dividend investing is that they are too volatile. It never guarantees a profit or high return. Companies can easily eliminate their dividends. Investors should always keep diversification in mind to avoid any major loss. Those who lack diversification in their portfolio expose themselves to volatility.


Is dividend investment safe: Final Verdict

Before investing in any company, have detailed knowledge about the rates and punctuality of the paid divided. Many companies provide dividend safety but do your own research too. Suppose the industry is now known about its stability. An unstable firm can never ensure the safety of your capital. The more stable the company is, the more profitable return it will offer.


Dividend investment can make a profitable and stable flow of income if used with the right strategies. Try it for the long-term investment rather than the short term. In the long run, you will be able to enjoy its true essence.


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